What the Tweet are you doing?

I couldn’t resist sharing David Letterman’s Top Ten signs that you might be spending too much time on Twitter. And on that note, enjoy the new Twitter feed feature in the left-hand column. While Twitter could seem annoying or a time waster (and yes it can be both), I find that just finding information using the feed is fantastic. In the library field, job listings from LibGig, professional development articles from American Libraries, and updates from national organizations like ACRL are just some of the ways I can simply, easily, and in one brief part of my day stay in touch with the professional world. Given that I also live in a mostly TV-less house, I use the NPR, NYTimes, and BBC World News. Even universities are finding that Twitter is helping boost student participation in the larger classroom settings, as students don’t have to worry about interrupting their professor but can still get their question asked and answered in real time. So while many people do enjoy waiting for Lady Gaga’s lunch order and I definitely see and participate in the not-so-brain-intensive aspects of the site, I’m still happy its there and think it makes me a better librarian and better informed citizen. Who do you follow?


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