TurnItIn – what a difference 12 years make

Back in the day, as a freshmen in Humanities Core, I first was introduced to TurnItIn.  For a mass group of +400 students writing similarly themed papers, the originality check was a no-brainer effort to curb plagiarism at my alma mater.

12 years and several plagiarism conversations with students later, I find my new institution revisiting TurnItIn.  There are several more bells and whistles, but here are some of the highlights:

  • General notes
    • option to allow or disallow students from seeing originality report
    • no compulsory deposit of student papers into TurnItIn repository
    • filtering options to exclude checking of quoted items, of bibliographies, or certain limits of words (don’t check things less than 5 words, for example)
  • GradeMark – a more streamlined editing tool for faculty
    • auto-text for common mistakes (missing commas, etc.) using QuickMarks
    • voice comments (up to 3 minutes)
    • standard rubrics pre-loaded
    • can import custom writing rubrics
    • can upload and share common rubrics across department or institution
    • QuickMarks analytics can help you track frequency and type of comments provided throughout a semester
  • ETS e-rater grammar feedback
    • automatically enters QuickMarks before you even review the paper
  • PeerMark – peer editing tool
    • peers can be manually or randomly assigned automatically
    • peer reviewers can be blinded or unblinded from the paper submitter

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