Sloan-C: Alex Couros – Keynote Speaker

  • Interesting idea – self, auto-tweet during his own presentation
  • helping students and kids prepare for the social networks, identity, and presence online
  • Odd history
    • Relationship of a mixtape and a pencil
    • Microsoft Encarta ’95 – not really the largest amount of knowledge ever accumulated
  • Biggest mistake of our time – not leaving time or space to wonder
  • Google only gives us incomplete knowledge
  • Tools are different than they used to be – instead of being alone in a software or document, now you can share
  • Community
    • how do we develop community?
    • why do we create artificial boundaries of community in short, class-only environments instead of community over a longer term?
  • Networks provide
    • affordances – enable communication, collaboration, and cooperation in new and previously impossible ways
    • ideas/inspiration: connect us to new ideas
  • Relationships
  • Ethics issues: “Girl Rushes the Field at a Baseball Game, Captures a $1,500 Selfie”
  • Power of the Internet: A girl who blogs on her own, 9 years old, about something she cares about
  • we need to be leery of the technologies, as it has some great but also scary potential

What is blended learning?

  • a chore for students to do at home
  • that a blog, online submissions, and digital textbooks exist
  • mix interaction spaces between students and faculty
  • get support when, where, and from who they want
  • personalized learning experience
  • Identity – starts with the students
    • many have lost jobs due to social media
    • we need to prepare students better with the private vs public and open vs closed
    • “you’re not just hiring me, you’re hiring my entire network” – network documented via digital identity on Twitter, Facebook, etc, as well as traditional professional portfolio
    • play with it – ex: who wins in the battle of bird poop versus a SmartCar?
  • MOOC is not a static concept

Things To Read Later


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