MACMLA 2013: Dr. Andrew Watson

Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association

Funny, insightful, and able to sprinkle his talk with random facts, Dr. Andrew Watson provided an amazing initial presentation to kick off the MACMLA 2013 Annual Meeting.  Dr. Andrew Watson described the transformation of healthcare, highlighting some of the industry’s misalignments such as point of access (hospital? home? work? medical office?).  Here are a few highlights from his talk.

  • Transformation of healthcare is normal, natural, necessary and unstoppable
  • Consumer electronics market has impacted and changed many aspects of society, as we know it
    • examples of its impact include telementoring in the OR, telemedicine in staffing ICU beds
  • Parallel issues in medicine + libraries
    • what is info?
    • what is point of care? (point=location)
    • structure
    • access
  • IOM “30% of health spending in 2009 roughly $750B was wasted”; for more you may want to consider watching Escape Fire

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