MLA2014: Architects of the Future: Managing 21st Century Resources

Combining Resources, Combining Forces: Regionalizing Hospital Library Services in a Large Statewide Hospital System

  • *While not a hospital librarian, this was a helpful session to learn more about the other members in NAHRS and their potential information needs.  I’m an incoming board member of NAHRS, so this fell more into service-related knowledge development rather than job-related*
  • Regional email shared for requests
  • Shift from print to digital for equitable resource access regardless of location
    • 80% print reduction in first year — no real resistance
    • multi-site licenses were complicated to develop — cost increase
    • 20% budget decrease also occurred over time, but the shared project didn’t reduce access
  • Standardize policies, procedures, and statistics
  • Tech improvements
    • single website, create mobile site, improve remote access, launch discovery tool
  • “Marketing orientation” (Robinson, 2012)
  • 25% increase in lit searches
  • 6% in doc delivery
  • Reduced print subscription titles from 240 to 20 for in-library browsing

Partnering with Postdocs: A Library-Hosted “How To” Series Taught by Postdocs

  • Postdoc Talks – teaching opportunity, provide feedback on teaching, letter of acknowledgement, and record presentations with option to post on university’s iTunesU –> clear incentives for postdocs to want to participate
  • “How-To” (NOT a seminar)
  • Had a team of editors to edit recordings
  • Topics (as decided by presenters) ranged from how to prep a CV (7 attendees), how to process histology images in Photoshop (5), CRISPR (13), ethical considerations for scientific image manipulation (10), UNIX for Biologists (4)
  • Outcomes – minimal cost, reduce librarian instruction burden, provide scholarly & career support for underserved population
  • Future things to fix
    • Advertising to get speakers and attend talks
    • More guidance on talk title development
    • No abstracts for talks
    • confusion about postdoc talks being ONLY for postdocs, not for anyone in the community

How a Health Sciences Librarian Creates a Different Approach to Library Instruction

  •  previous model was just the one-shot –> move to more embedding
  • not one size fits all
    • physically embedded in F2F
    • F2F and online presence in LMS (Desire2Learn)
    • online session + LMS followup module
    • LMS only presence
  • Challenges
    • time
    • communicating with faculty and students, continual
  • Faculty report students turning in higher quality work
  • More students seeking help through multiple methods – they like the choice for the method best for them
  • Grad students to use the discussion forum more, undergrads are more email, drop-in based

 What’s Most Important? Emerging Technologies in Medical Libraries

  • adopt Horizon Report info
  • Think Tank reports
    • CORE-E
  • 3D printing and learning analytics – only overlapping concepts among 10 think tank reports
  • lots of potential roles for #medlibs – checkout the slides on MLAnet
  • Did the work with a Google+ community
  • 4 subgroups: Libs + Publishing, Communication & Ed, Human Body, Disaster/Risk/Public Health
  • Technologies will change but hopefully the subgroups change less

Other Interesting/Entertaining Tweets From Other Sessions

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