MLA 2014: EdTech: We Build It – Do They Come?

Must-Have Web Browser Enhancers for Biomedical Researchers

  • Bookmarklets
  • Mendeley’s Web importer

Embedding Screencasts for Information Literacy in Evidence-Based Graduate Nursing Education

  • ADDIE Model of Instructional Design
  • Berk, RA, 2009 – “edit unmercifully to a maximum of three minutes”
  • Psychological pricing  – have videos come in at 1:59 because it sounds less than 2:00
  • Embedded videos into LMS but videos are hosted on YouTube
  • Lends itself to flipped classroom setup – can send class reminders
  • YouTube Analytics: viewers watched 68% of video one, 72% of video two

Designed Locally, Accessed Globally: Building a Better Evidence-Based Practice Tutorial

  • Enhance 5 step process
  • Expand discipline-specific coverage
  • More exercises
  • Links to patient education materials
  • Re-defined audience as University of Minnesota
  • Team members: liaison librarians (all 6) and instructional designer
  • Used Articulate Storyline
  • New site: 
  • Responsive design
  • Return visitors can go back to where they left off
  • More accessible in HTML5
  • Able to embed into LMS modules
  • Creative Commons license to encourage reuse
  • Same amount of traffic Q1 2014: ~15k sessions
  • 1 direct reuse request
  • Future directions:
    • learning analytics based on heavily used pieces, skipped pieces
    • integration of modified Fresno test
    • patient ed/health lit module
    • free vs subscription example articles
    • use good articles AND the bad articles so you can see the gradations

A Plan for Evaluating Research Data Management Instruction Methods for Medical School Students

  • objective: find most effective method for teaching RDM to medical students
  • cohort study to evaluate 5 different approaches (already have 5 existing learning communities)
    • 1 workshop
    • Multi-workshop
    • Flipped classroom
    • Synchronous webinar
    • Asynchronous webinar
  • 66% want data mgmt training
  • 50% would take an elective course on data mgmt (nursing school said 84% yes, med school reported less than 45%) — question of perceived value
  • 57.15/100 – average familiarity wtih data mgmt activities
  • 41.09/100 – average awareness of data mgmt best practices
  • GSBS score themselves higher than GSN or SOM
  • answer: no single method is most effective
  • PIs and faculty advisors are sources for support when grad students have questions — target audience to reach

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