MLA 2014: Top Tech Trends


  • virtual communities via digital environments
  • increase in social features / Facebook-like
  • calendar of trainings across professionals, also IDs gaps
  • built their own SharePoint as closed system for the team
  • “shareholder buy-in to use SharePoint is really difficult” but focus on champions


CDC The New (Ab)normal


  • Weill Cornell Medical College installation
  • “business intelligence” – marketing, external reporting, competitive intelligence, performance tracking
  • VIVO – open source, semantic researcher profile system
    • performance monitoring – what are people up to?  ex: want a monthly report of all publications of authors
    • ex: Melbourne Research Windows
  • VIVO dashboard example

3D Printing and Medical Libraries

  • Presentation slides – PF Anderson’s
  • Able to print bioabsorbable materials, among other things like living cells, concrete, sand, and more – example
  • Biofabrication
  • 3D used a lot in surgery for models — in one case, cut surgical time by 1/3
  • biodrugs – 3D printing drugs in Subsaharan Africa
  • Awe-inspiring story about a kid printing a hand using library makerspace
  • Yeggi – search engine for 3D printable models

Late Breaking Trends

  • Gartner hype cycle – mapping of trends

Gartner Hype Cycle (2013)

  • Citizen Science
  • Wearable technology – FitBit, Nike Fuelband, etc — even Whistle for dogs
  • Mobile health  – Kinsa thermometer
  • SXSW Interactive – one location to discuss and learn about health sciences and mobile tech

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