Open Forum: Futures Task Force

  • Provide more year-round activity (CEs, etc) outside of just the MLA annual meeting
  • Move more of the MLA business activity online and outside of the MLA annual meeting
  • Current Section and SIGs structure is too bureaucratic –> replace with Working Groups or Caucuses
    • Working Groups = communities of interest, produce work products (white papers, position papers, standards) – set its own agenda and activities
    • Caucuses (placeholder name) = led by convener and offer peer2peer networking, education, sharing
  • Potential new positions in MLA board staff
    • Data curator/analyst – survey development, metrics, meta-analysis of data already gathered
    • Instructional designer – help CE instructors
    • Innovator in residence (1 year appointment – grant funded? Rising Star?)

Questions/Responses Stemming from the Audience

  • MLA as a “professional home”
  • MLA members are more likely to also be ALA members than SLA members, based on previous membership surveys
  • No student chapters of MLA –> how to pull in more students?
  • Open call for papers instead of just having Sections define themes –> the masses agree, as this would allow hot topics to have a presence at meetings instead of waiting for the right staged opportunity

Other Entertaining/Interesting Tweets

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