MAC 2014 Papers Session 1

  • John Jones – The New Frontier: Reference e-mails, chats, texts, phone-calls, walk-ins, consultations & professional searches (and more!) all tracked in the same system
    • Had
      • email listserv
      • chat program
      • SurveyMonkey for stats
    • Got LibAnswers
    • the rest of the presentation was focused on how to use LibAnswers
  • Alex Carroll, Eileen Harrington, Nedelina Tchangalova – A booster shot for health¬†science librarianship: using Canvas and PechaKucha to flip the library classroom
    • EBP best practice – students need opportunities to practice
      • practice low level skills > skills become automatic > create cognitive space for higher level skill development
    • develop online tools to expand presence of instruction beyond pre-clinical years
    • *PechaKucha+flipped model could be useful for HTH 150
    • 2 methods of piloting this project of Canvas modules
      • Group 1 did PechaKucha style of 20 images x 20 seconds
        • groups were scored – 1st and 2nd place winners got Amazon gift cards
      • Group 2 was traditional style of flipped classroom
    • Lesson learned this far
  • Courtney Miller – Out of the box: a jack of all trades approach
    • embedded librarianship model
    • resource collaboration
    • active embedding
      • enhance lessons with specific projects
      • merge digital and personal assistance
    • outcomes include increased passing rate for course, more collaboration outside the classroom, and more library advocates
  • Jamie Price, Courtney Miller – Technology toolkit: evaluating a new workshop series for students
    • 7 workshops over 15 weeks
    • 82 participants
    • 69% said content met expectations
    • 99% said they would recommend workshops
    • recommendations
      • pick a theme
      • find areas of opportunity
      • listen to feedback
      • food!
  • Roy Brown – Embedding into the nursing community on an academic health center campus
    • case study with academic nurses and health center nurses
    • VCU has a bio-behavioral research focus
      • top tier of NIH funded nursing schools
      • ~900 students (BSN, MSN, PhD – TBD DNP); ~100 faculty
    • liaison — embedded : contact point — part of the team
    • key methods to become embedded
      • adjust work schedule to match the group I served – not just 8-5
      • respond to questions quickly and reliably
      • identify gatekeepers and stakeholders
      • identify needs and respond without being asked
      • set up citation alerts and alert faculty when their work is cited — possible idea for the future
      • regular hours in School of Nursing
      • serve on curriculum committees
      • welcome letters to new faculty
      • established a blog for the school
      • send out regular emails about library news
      • stay current with nursing literature and trends
    • difference in approaches
      • Hospital nurses
        • EBP, Performance improvement, research
      • School of Nursing
        • Information literacy, db searching, EBP, research
    • Number Served 2007-2008: 657 — 2012-2013: 1723
    • Signs of success
      • appointed affiliate faculty member of SON
      • teach section in class with grading responsibilities

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