MACMLA 2014: Papers 2

Advancing the Success of the Research Enterprise: Introducing Research Connection – Alexa Mayo & MJ Tooey

  • survey researchers for info needs
  • visit libraries
  • from these efforts, they developed a roadmap
  • training for services librarians was a big part in order to help others develop expertise
  • Research Connection service offerings
    • research consultation
    • systematic review service
    • expert literature search
    • research impact assessment – idea to further develop/pursue
    • IRB research consent form review
    • publication strategies consultation – idea to further develop/pursue
    • NIH Pubic Access Policy compliance
    • Guest lecturers
  • Focus on professional expertise
    • librarians with subject expertise
    • health literacy
    • community engagement
    • copyright
    • metadata assignment
    • global health
  • these new arenas are leading them to new faculty
  • Next steps
    • UMB Experts and Pivot
    • Bioinformationist
    • Data management support
    • ORCID and BioSketch

Library return on investment: model for establishing the value of a health sciences library in support of research – Doug Varner

  • Previous library ROI work tends to be user satisfaction based
  • Trend towards quantitative measures
    • ARL Statistics & Assessment Program
    • MLA 2014 Leading the way in assessing our value
    • Luther & Tenopir and adopted for use by Woelfl for academic medical libraries
  • Doug
    • obtained grant proposals from Office of Sponsored Programs to review the references listed
    • used NIH Reporter to get funding amount for Georgetown
    • also used NIH Reporter  to compare Georgetown’s success rate to overall NIH grant application success rate
    • evaluated references by eJournals, print journals, books, open access, and items not in collection at all
    • 82% of citations came from library collections

What can we give them? Data support without a data support librarian – Karen Grigg, Lea Leininger

  • possible comparable model for JMU (~17k students, 2500 faculty, “high research” classification, $35 million in grants annually)
  • Current efforts
    • Data management LibGuide
    • Metadata advising
    • NC Docks publication storage
    • Odum Institute for data storage
  • No clear campus support for data
  • They have Box service

Navigating new frontiers: new roles for librarians supporting systematic reviews – Doug Joubert, Christopher Belter

  • analytical methods, in particular
  • Tools
    • title/abstract reviewing by librarian
    • Epi Info 7 –
    • working to identify new search terms via word co-occurrence analysis
      • co-occurrence: relationships between keywords as they appear in the same title
    • working to identify new papers via co-citation analysis
      • citation rate as a method to evaluate relevance
    • Science of Science (Sci2) Tool
    • Gephi – visualization software
    • Full slides will be posted to his SlideShare

Website user experience testing: a method to gain valuable, first-hand information about website performance – Andrea Denton, Jason Bennett

  • work with liaisons to create representative tasks
  • develop 12-15 questions –> 20-30 minutes
  • recruit people, but the group can be small (they used ~5)
  • Nielsen Norman Group validates that small groups can be replicable and recommends smaller, more iterative change with assessment after each round of changes
  • lured to the left – people first look to the top left when looking at brochures, websites, etc
  • had 6 rounds of testing

From new to newer: the ever-changing world of demand driven acquisitions – Susan Arnold, Anna Crawford, Lori Hostuttler, Jean Siebert

  • DDA
  • patron driven e-journal acquisition
    • analyze faculty requests for new e-journals
    • ILL requests for past 5 years tracked
    • basically got cost estimates of journals, compared to number of ILL requests, and reviewed journal costs with faculty to let them inform the decision
    • most faculty recommended to just stick to ILL
  • PDA ebooks
  • Rittenhouse R2 DDA options.  After 3 views, book goes into the shopping cart for the librarian to view. – I WANT TO DO THIS

Closing the gap: promotion for federal programs with the Office of Minority health Resource Center



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