Charleston Conference 2014: Being Earnest in the New Environment

Outsell CEO, Anthea Stratigos, presented about strategic marketing and how libraries should be moving to better do this.

Vendor changes
– struggling with growth
– talent gaps (sales, analytics, emerging tech)
– business model is changing – editions don’t exist anymore
– vendors need to provide 6-10% growth to stakeholders

Library issues
– constant need to innovate but not enough resources to do it all
– staffing and content about the same
– 3.5% budgeted growth and 3% increasing costs in library budgets

Strategic Marketing is about delivering value
– need to have the right team (just like in Good to Great)

6 steps to value
– have a strategy and a mission
– build a target market map (who are your users/patrons)
– complete a needs assessment
— her stats state that more students use the physical library (83%) than our virtual library resources (44%) – what is our ratio between gate counts and downloads?
– benchmark best practices – how do we compare to peer institutions regarding gate counts? Resource usage?
– establish your portfolio (what to drop, add, ask $$ for, what to target to whom)
– brand your experience (quiet study space? collaborative learning environment?)
– market in purposeful rhythms
– deliver wow – surprise your patrons
– measure ROI and value – use Business students to help develop these items and provide them valuable professional experience; tie your activities to outcomes and institutional goals
– be sure to play and enjoy your results


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