Charleston Conference: Evolution of mobile device use in clinic settings

Wolters Kluwer – Hob Brooks
– 55% use tablet for work
– mostly used for lookup activities, not reading or research
– mobile used more during a day than computers
– 3 screen users are accessing more content more often than 1 or 2 device users
– platforms are not cannibalizing
– journals is main way to stay on top of new research/developments
– 65% save PDF for later, 50% print for later
– 8-10 journals – avg number of journals professionals are using to stay on top of info
– full results will be in Against the Grain and be available from Wolters Kluwer as well
– Ovid app just released as more of a reading app, but not widely available yet

St. Peter’s University Hospital, Jeannine Creazzo
– mostly familiar items such as EMRs, Google preferred source, etc
– Difficulty getting feedback from patrons, as she found in the literature

Personal notes
– this conference is providing a lot of conversation about resources, how they are used, how they are paid for, how they are made, BUT not how they are taught or integrated into curriculum to inform or shape future information behaviors/habits


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