Charleston Conference: From course reserves to …. course reversed? The library’s changing role in providing textbook content

The evolving landscape of course content by Nicole Allen, Director of SPARC Open Education
– textbook prices have risen over 80%
– 2 out of every 3 students have not bought a textbook for a course to avoid costs
5R Permissions to be Open Educational Resource
– retain, reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute
– federal mandate for open products stemming from federal grants; this could include training materials developed from grants (this is not actually specified in the OSTP memo, but could a very broad interpretation of the public access mandate)
– Tidewater Community College has 2-year business degree that uses ALL OER textbooks

Charles Lyons – 5 myths librarians should know about textbook affordability
– student preferences re: textbooks
– library is towards the bottom of the list when looking for textbooks – buying used, renting, or sharing are top 3 options
– switching textbooks can be a tricky endeavor – librarians can support instructors to identify, assess, and curate OER materials
SJSU, UCLA, Temple have program to give $1k to faculty choosing to adopt OER
– SJSU gets list from bookstore, runs comparison with library eBook holdings, and then bookstore cross-promotes eBook availability next to textbook in the bookstore – I WANT TO DO THIS

Bob Nardini, Ingram
– textbook customization via elements like VitalSource
– Ingram Construct – allow custom development of a textbook – new product (things to research…)
– Ingram Aggregation – ex: California

Audience point: publishers are also providing other content, like videos, quizzes, etc so the textbook conversation is much bigger and may need to occur at the department level, not the individual faculty level


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