Charleston conference: What’s the big idea? Mellon, ARL, AAU, University Presses and the future of scholarly communication

– UofMichigan press: everybody coming with digital scholarship and many authors needing something like a companion website with publications. Could libraries’ IRs be monograph/data platform to meet this need.
– ARL scholcomm task force: universities provide subventions fees to first-time authors
– AAUP director: peer review is a big value of UPs and need to continue this. There is some scholarship where we can’t make the numbers work
– Mellon Foundation: no good peer review for multimedia items. Shift from pay for use to pay to publish model. Uncertain if the new model is feasible or not. Grants might pay for publishing but won’t necessarily address longer lifespan of materials.

– discoverability problem, monographs haven’t been given much of a chance
– open access monographs should be integrated through same workflows as non OA titles. How will jobbers do this with systems like shelf-ready titles? Are librarians willing to pay for the self-ready setup for an OA title?


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