Sustainable Ebook Landscape: librarian, publisher, and vendor perspectives

Stanford University Press
– 95% list is digital, but only 15% of sales comes from digital
– 10% of list price = cost for print
– print costs = ebook costs
– $60 book = $1.50 for UP after printing/digital creation, ads/marketing, author payment, etc
– UPs can’t stay viable in DDA programs, so they are shifting out of that area

Oxford Press rep
– we all need to talk together about ILL of ebooks
– in this case, DDA refers to triggering small fees for each use, not full purchase after a few uses

(Almost even split with publishers and librarians attending – a VERY full room)
– 64k books per year
– 42% books as ebooks
– top 25 publishers have 55% ebooks
– YBP has peer reports, so you can see approval matches, orders, and DDA
– short terms loans went from 6% in 2011 to 44% in 2014
– short term loans in 2014 accounted only for 8% of revenue
– print books sales decreased from 4k to 2k between 2011-2014
– about 3% of DDA records trigger purchases consistently across 2011-2014

Audience conversation
– why do books not circulate? Format limited discoverability
– niche audience sizes impact publishability/market size — should smaller market topics be abandoned via traditional publishing and just live on in open resources/self-publishing? What are the impacts of that shift?
– it took print publishers about 100 years to find a balanced model for print book sales, so we aren’t alone in this new struggle to develop a new model for ebooks
– campus based monographic sales have gone up for Stanford UP, perhaps since faculty may only want print and libraries may have e-version only, if they have it at all
– is this all just a series of Hunger Games between librarians, publishers, authors, and vendors/distributors?


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