Charleston conference: Return on investment: new strategies for marketing digital resources

top activities publishers can do to raise awareness about their content to end users

  • publisher-library workshops (77%)
  • quarterly newsletters (73%)
  • free access months (65%)

publisher hosting an open access talk during open access week — this could be an interesting idea

  • Methods of distribution: email blasts, CD website, digital signage, marketing of library resources at other meetings and venues on campus, expressing library needs
  • Advantage of service on Library Advisory Boards of major publishers to develop strong ties
  • Collaborate with faculty to address  funding needs and develop technology fee grant programs
  • Weekly distribution of collection focused items- something every week about new items in the libraries or resources
  • Subject librarians send out e-newsletters at the beginning of each semester with major library purchases – graphic artist has developed a template
  • Emphasis on subject librarians being more mobile


  • video post for quick communication on updates
    • December or January, perhaps review instruction stats, a few quotes from instruction sessions about student feedback, and highlight instruction methods available (assignment/rubric creation, asynchronous module development, in-class instruction, online synchronous instruction, and feedback/grading).  this could also include some links to latest publications of interest about nursing/health education.

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