MLA 2015: Breaking into Uncharted Territory: Collaborating on NIH Public Access Policy Compliance with the Sponsored Projects Administration

University of Minnesota (UofM) – Katherine Chew

Impact of NIH PAP

  • 40% of total research funding from NIH
  • Average of $300 million per year
  • Many programs, departments, institutes, and disciplines are involved with NIH funded research
  • Feb. 2013: +4,000 UofM articles out of compliance
  • Public Access Compliance Monitor – greater awareness of research
  • Collaborative presentations with Sponsored Projects Administration
  • 23 sessions taught since 2013
  • programs come from SPA scheduled/sponsored workshop and are invited to regular faculty meeting
  • 85% of NIH PAP requests are either referred to the libraries via SPA, SPA workshop, or SPA workshop attendee
  • now at 88% in compliance from 2008-2015 time frame

My notes

  • what workshops does OSP offer? ¬†can we partner with topics (NIH PAP, OA, DMP, ORCID, etc)?

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