MLA 2015: Top Tech Trends

What Will These Technologies Look Like Twenty Years from Now? (aka How 1995 technologies look in 2015)- Eric Schnell

The Quantified Self – Jon Goodell, AHIP

The Internet of Things – Kimberley Barker

Zombie Emergency!: A Tool for Gamification and Promotion – Jason Bengtson

Apple Watch – Dale Prince

  • it is not intuitive
  • it has 5 inputs, 4 outputs
  • Siri works better on the watch than the phone
  • better dictation on the watch than the phone
  • the speaker isn’t that great but it is enough to disrupt a meeting
  • phone battery drains more quickly
  • watch has no GPS, so you have to have your phone with you to use things like MapMyRun
  • the watch can tell you how far you ran by itself
  • dictation does not give you an option to edit incorrect words
  • emails – you can mark it as unread, flag it, or trash it — not respond to it
  • there are games – TicTacToe


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