MACMLA 2016: Diversity and Disparities: Opportunities and Challenges for 21st-Century Health Care

  • Under-represented groups represent 34% of the total population
  • Diversity in health care work force
    • Physicians: 7%
    • Nurses: 3%
    • Pharmacists: 3%
  • No Ivy League schools are among top medical schools that American Indians, Alaska Natives, or African Americans apply
  • Top medical schools for Hispanic or Latino schools are all in Puerto Rico
  • Business case for diversity in science
    • Birds of a feather research together — and produce research in journals with lower impact factors and less cited
  • Implicit association test 
  • 16% of NIH grant applications from black researchers succeed vs 29% from whites
  • AAMC report on state of women in medicine lacked any mention of intersectionality
  • Four patterns of gender bias
    • Feel need to “prove” our competence
    • Walking the tightrope between too aggressive vs too feminine/weak
    • Motherhood penalty
    • Queen bee syndrome (women who refuse to mentor the next generation)
  • JHU Institutional Plan to address
    • Faculty Diversity Action Plan
    • Diversity Advocate
    • $25M JHU Diversity Initiative
    • 54 URM Faculty hired in FY15-16
    • 3 women dept directors
    • 3 URM dept directors
    • Pipeline programs -HCOP, SARE

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