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Virginia Geo Teachers Institute: Roots & Shoots project for Jane Goodall Institute

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots

  • Step 1: Get engaged
  • Step 2: Community mapping — to visually see the local community and determine areas of high potential impact
    • Micro-mapping sprint — 1 time service project
    • Mapping for young children — longer term campaign
    • Community mapping 101
    • Digital mapping (MyMaps)
    • Digital mapping (ARCGIS)
  • Step 3: Take action
    • how to ID a campaign, plan a project, connect with community resources
    • most time spent in this phase
  • Step 4: Celebrate & Reflect
    • re-map the community to see change in comparison to earlier map

Curricular work

  • have students first observe what is happening — don’t give them a map or tell them what to look for
  • marking community characteristics (with the map, categorize them into human things, animal things, environmental things)
  • marking community resources (with the map, mark where human resources, animal resource, environmental resources from) — ex: grocery stores, vet, river


Virginia Geo Teacher Institute: Storytelling with Earth Imagery



  • create a tour in Google Earth
    • free Google Earth Pro download (no license key needed)
    • EOL Arctic Tern Tour
    • 4 methods: freestyle, create tour from line, create tour from folder, hand-edit KML code
    • Can use the camera icon to record my actions and steps in Google Earth around points
    • Can use the Preferences>Touring to adjust items like time at features, time between features, Fly Along Line, camera tilt angle to raise view
    • Tools>Movie Maker to record a movie
  • create a story with Google Tour Builder
    • can customize icons or use initial set of icons
    • can use Google Earth or Street View to develop
    • Can add notes about a location
    • Share — need to clarify if Google Classroom syncs with this automatically instead of having to re-enter student information each time; not a collaborative tour building tool, but you can copy the map for someone else to work on
  • Storytelling with Timelapse
    • Not as high resolution images
    • 1 pixel = 30 meters
    • better for large scale changes like glacier change, deforestation, etc
    • Time magazine article
    • Earth Timelapse
    • Tour Editor
    • Virginia-based examples Nassawadox, Cobb Island, Hog Island (John Porter @ UVA)
  • My Maps vs Google Earth
    • GE has Street View but My Maps does not


  • journey map of a liaison librarian, student, faculty member, etc
  • map the nursing students in the research study across locations
  • possibly map nursing research data with survey/interview notes by location
  • conference town mapping (Staunton Google Earth = 2015, Street View = 2012)

Virginia Geo Teacher Institute: Raleigh Seamster keynote


  • Transportation maps for CWS refugees to be able to get around Harrisonburg and surrounding area easier