Virginia Geo Teachers Institute: Roots & Shoots project for Jane Goodall Institute

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots

  • Step 1: Get engaged
  • Step 2: Community mapping — to visually see the local community and determine areas of high potential impact
    • Micro-mapping sprint — 1 time service project
    • Mapping for young children — longer term campaign
    • Community mapping 101
    • Digital mapping (MyMaps)
    • Digital mapping (ARCGIS)
  • Step 3: Take action
    • how to ID a campaign, plan a project, connect with community resources
    • most time spent in this phase
  • Step 4: Celebrate & Reflect
    • re-map the community to see change in comparison to earlier map

Curricular work

  • have students first observe what is happening — don’t give them a map or tell them what to look for
  • marking community characteristics (with the map, categorize them into human things, animal things, environmental things)
  • marking community resources (with the map, mark where human resources, animal resource, environmental resources from) — ex: grocery stores, vet, river



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