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PRIM&R’s Primer on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) Webinar

The following notes stem from the proposed rulemaking for the Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects (Sept. 8, 2015)


AHEAD webinar: A Clear Standard for Access to Instruction

AHEAD, the Association on Higher Education and Disability, presented an audio conference covering accessible instructional materials, particularly  online items.  A review of different case studies regarding current problems with accessibility compliance, recent legal complaints and resolutions, and updates regarding arenas for exploration were a part of the panel presentation and discussion.

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AHRQ presentation re: Health IT and patient outcomes

If the most recent Woods Hole training wasn’t enough, AHRQ had a webinar today focusing on Health IT and patient outcomes, particularly for vulnerable and disadvantaged populations.

The webinar consisted of 3 researchers presenting different projects  ranging from immunization alerts for children, diabetes self-care management, and usability of personal health records by adults with intellectual disabilities and their care givers.  For 1.5 talk with questions, this delved into the meat of the research rather quickly and gave some good framework and ideas about future improvements or project expansions.

To learn more, you can check out my notes

Otherwise, AHRQ will be posting a recording of the session.

Communities of Conscious Design: Planting and Pruning Your Way to an Effective Online Community webinar notes

Host: Steven Bell, Blended Librarian, 2012-2013 President of ACRL

Speaker: Naomi House, Founder of INeedALibraryJob (INALJ) – TwitterFacebookLinkedIn

Here are my notes from the conversation:

  • INALJ = +1million views, 871 found jobs
  • INALJ = community of +180 volunteers
  • INALJ = wanting to have and share jobs all in one location
  • runs 2-3 job-related articles per day, written by many
  • being regular when updating a community
  • need to clarify boundaries – ex: no trolling, no comment features, able to block (if/when necessary)
  • surprises – started as jobs page, but has morphed into community space
  • blended librarians on the job hunt
    • Keywords for job searching feature (hint: it’s below the PayPal button)
      • Ex: User Experience title is new for us, but also often new for the organizations looking for them
      • includes many other jobs beyond “librarian” – we need to be adaptable
  • this is one service – you ought to be signed up for listservs or
  • government contractors tend to just market jobs to local library school listservs, local communities
  • concerns about having more tech/non-library-focused jobs may partially stem from the perceived devaluation of more traditional positions
  • #Altac – alternative academic movement for those in the Humanities who aren’t able to find tenure track jobs – similarly, #altac is a growing community to help those reconsider their career path
  • data is hot right now
  • training, training, training – interactive design is a skill universities, corporations, and others need

My takeaways

  • not what i expected, perhaps because i’ve been spending so much time considering developing online communities for online programs
  • happy to find an awesome project like this – complements the broader undefined work I’ve done with doing more job posting and promotion for Health Sciences Librarianship through MAC Messages
  • another resource to refer to the many library folks I end up finding throughout the funny journey that is life

Next webcast

  • Open Access movement and collaboration of departments (traditional and untraditional) in mid-May-ish (don’t quote me on this)