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Adventures in recording and captioning

As part of a project to provide additional resources to our student workers about how to identify peer-reviewed resources (since EBSCO is a bit of a crap shoot), I decided to create a short tutorial about defining the terminology, show how search results may or may not identify peer-review-age, and how to navigate the peer-review identification authority, Ulrichs.   With the help of our amazing Center for Information Technology (CIT), I got a rundown on Camtasia vs Captivate recording options, equipment, and systems.  Thinking this would be on the shorter side (>10 minutes), I decided to test out Camtasia since I was already familiar with Jing.  Plus, our Camtasia setup allowed submission of videos to a Relay server for automatic captioning instead of manually editing the captions in Captivate….or so I thought.  Being the responsible person I am, I drafted up the script ahead of time (apart from some minor tweaks) and thought it would be great.  However,  here are some of the captions

My text:  “…about the types of resources students use for their research.”

Relay-suggested caption: “…every horse themed use for their research.”

My text: “In particular, professors are requiring students to use peer-reviewed articles for their research resources.”

Relay-suggested caption: “the killer perfect and I are requiring didn’t eat Peer Reviewed articles for their Easter treat”

And that’s just within the first 10 seconds.  Other gems include

My text: “so use the dropdown box in QuickSearch to limit your search to Just Scholarly Articles”

Relay-suggested caption: “the is the goddamn boxing cricket to many a six contests scholarly article”

So for a >5 min video, I probably spent about another hour fixing the captions.  To view the final product (at least of this round),  go to JMUtube and check out “How to Identify Peer-Reviewed or Refereed Resources.”