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Social media+students=success?

Is Social Media Ruining Students? Infographic

So, is social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) ruining students? Perhaps, but there’s a lot more to examine here.

I, too, have suffered from the let-me-procrastinate-on-my-paper-by-playing-hours-of-Bejeweled but is that really social media’s fault? Was it any different from vegging out in front of the TV?

At the same time, isn’t social media the new way to connect and inform students of updates. In a recent poll by AP-Viacom, students stated that “laptop computers were the top item they use in the classroom for note-taking, followed by smart phones, cameras, audio recorders, tablet computers and camcorders.” Social media is the way to reach students where they already are (their computers and phones). Smart codes in advertising utilize this tech-focus to expand the experience. Why should students considering stopping this?

Another issue, is that different social media attract different followers. In Joel Comm’s book, Twitter Power, he notes that there are socioeconomic and educational differences between Facebook and Twitter users. While Joel’s book first came out a few years ago and Twitter has mainstreamed itself a lot more, the 2010 infographic below still highlights some variations in user-type that may attribute more to why Twitter users work a bit better than Facebook users.

Facebook vs Twitter Infographic – DigitalSurgeons.com.

Facebook vs Twitter: A breakdown of 2010 social demographics

While I still struggle to get my students to use their school email and built-in Google Docs, what have people’s experiences been with Twitter/Facebook in the classroom?

11/14/10 Sunday reading

As part of my random smattering of eclectic news, here’s what I’ve found on this Sunday morning…..

1) Newsflash! Latinos now make up over 50% of students enrolled in California!

General response, duh….

As a native southern Californian and even as a migrant to the north of the state, I can only say that I am NOT surprised by this finding, as it was an inevitable reality.  Exponential growth, continuous migration, and generations continuing to settle here is no new information.  However, the article frames the statistic nicely in the political/educational debate of what the future of California will be.  Bilingual education for whites as well as Latinos?  Parental political involvement in these schools to increase or will the disenfranchised parents remain silent on the educational decisions for their American citizen children?

2) Facebook v Google

In one of Wired’s themes for the week, they’ve begun to analyze the new potential face-off between Facebook and Google.  With rumors of some sort of Facebook email swirl and the competition for ads heats up, the small skirmishes between Microsoft and Yahoo! now seem small contests for Google.

3) The US Budget puzzle

Although this is not really an article to read, I thought the NY Times Budget Puzzle is a great interactive way for people to learn about the US budget and evaluate how funds are spent and estimate how you would reduce spending.  If I was a government teacher, I would SO use this as part of my class project.  I may still make an argument for it my own course yet…..