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EasyBib in Google Chrome

Today I saw an announcement about a new EasyBib Google Chrome extension tool to help with citation creation for websites.  As one of the trickiest things for students to cite, that seemed like a not-so-terrible idea.  Overall, if you’re working with MLA citations, the system seems to work pretty well, but it doesn’t overstep a bit by trying to evaluate each site’s credibility for you.  I recommend taking a look, as this is our competition against doing citations by hand.  Below are some notes and screenshots of different components of the resource.


  • MLA free but APA and Chicago/Turabian cost
  • Evaluates websites to determine if they are credible and provides a link to their evaluation criteria.  Sites are color coded in red, yellow, and green to match stop, slow down, or go ahead with the citation.  What issues are flagging one item from another are not clarified.
  • If there is no evaluation done on the site, you are directed to Evaluate It! with their Website Credibility guide.

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Post-graduation research skills

The latest PIL report is getting to the heart of lifelong learning, what’s happening, and future things we need to consider. For those of short attention spans, watch the 3 minute video above. For those wanting all the details of the research, check out the full report.